AMATS Ethical Transport Services

For safe and caring teen transport, Best Choice recommends that the transport agency belongs to the Association of Mediation and Transport Services and adheres to their safety standard:

AMATS Standards of Professional Excellence

The Association of Mediation and Transport Services ascribes to a standard of ethical excellence and safe practice in order to provide a secure pathway for persons in our care as they begin their journey to healing and recovery.


Uphold the law of the land and strive to maintain the safety and security of those in their care.

Provide transparency, open communication, and full disclosure regarding the destination and mode of travel to those in their care.

Carry a commercial liability policy and a local business license; conduct criminal backgrounds and safe driving checks on their personnel and engage in business with clients through a written contract describing the scope of the service.

Seek the assistance of additional trained professionals when encountering combative behavior, substance abuse and life-threatening behaviors beyond their capability in order to bring the situation under control.

Exhibit honesty, integrity and compassion as they seek to preserve the welfare of those seeking support.

Will offer food and bathroom breaks at safe intervals as well as offer and chart prescribed medications throughout the transport.

Maintain a Zero-Tolerance Policy regarding threats, lies, intimidation or intentional misrepresentation.

Ascribe to professional and ethically based interventions and transports with at least one parent, guardian or guardian ad litem on site when the intervention is mediated and transport commences.

Refrain from financial quid pro quo and reciprocal arrangements. Provide ongoing training in crisis management intervention, de- escalation, intervention basic training, First-Aid and CPR.

Maintain confidentiality standards as set by the United States Federal Government as it applies to all parties involved.


Best Choice is in no way affiliated with AMATS nor its members, and gains no financial remuneration from recommending them as a possible resource.

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AMATS Ethical Transport Services

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